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Essay Center website is for Turkish students and scholars. In this article, we are going to talk more about our services.
1. Writing essay
As our name represents, our main job is to write essays. Here we have a professional experienced writing team that in 7 years have written many brilliant essays and today are giving best services to Turkish students here in Turkey.
With filling out our order form, you can freely get the price and the delivery time of your essay from us.
2. Rewrite or Rephrasing
One of the challenges of Turkish students is that their native language is different from the language they are educating. The English language is the main language of almost every university in Turkey. Sometimes it is hard for students to write an essay for themselves and they also want to have an impact on the outcome of the essay. So they just can find an article and give it to us. Our professional rewrite team will rephrase all the article for you to look like a perfect unique article especially made for you.
3. Editing
In this service, our professional writer team will closely examine your English text to find and correct every grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in it.

You will be surprised by our quality and prices. Our many years of experience in giving students such quality services assure that our services will satisfy you. It is an honor to serve the Turkish students from all over the country.

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